Samy Dana ‚proceeds‘ from betting against Bitcoin’s high claiming she can’t ‚tarnish‘ her image

Economic commentator Samy Dana, through his advice, gave up a bet against Bitcoin’s high claiming that this could affect his credibility

The famous economic commentator Samy Dana, ‚rolled up‘ and, through his advice, gave up betting against Bitcoin’s high claiming that this could ‚put at risk‘ his credibility.

The case started when a twitter profile called @misescapital published a post in which he challenged anyone in the financial market that Bitcoin Billionaire exceeded R$ 233 thousand in 2021.

Dana responded to the publication and suggested changes in the bet, instead of the price target being defined in reais, it would be fixed in dollars, with BTC reaching US$ 50,000.

‚Bitcoin people hate me but I have nothing against Bitcoin‘, declares economist Samy Dana

When Dana answered the proposal Bitcoin was quoted at around $ 123 thousand, however, less than 3 weeks later, Bitcoin reached $ 217 thousand and hit the $ 40 thousand mark.

Dana also indicated that for the bet to be realized it would have to occur in a ‚legal‘ way, that is, registered and would need a ‚reliable third party‘, as if it were a guarantor, to guarantee the payment of the parties and avoid a deadlock on either side.

The Bitcoin Exchange Market even suggested to be the platform for the business but did not make a commitment to pay if there was a default by one of the parties.

However, Tiago Friedrich, would have agreed to be the ‚guarantor‘ of the bet and would also have accepted to formalize everything in a notary office, including using the Bitcoin Exchange platform.

Don’t buy Bitcoin it’s worthless,‘ said economist Samy Dana when the BTC cost R$ 752.39

Dirty‘ my image

However, even with all the guarantees given to Dana, he couldn’t see the clash and it was all just ‚fire of straw‘.

According to a message sent to the Cointelegraph, the economic commentator’s advisor claimed that he had contracts that prevent him from betting on anything that could „put his credibility at risk“.

„As I informed my client, due to contracts that he already has with third parties and codes of ethics and internal policy that he signed as a client, he cannot make a bet or any contract that puts at risk his image and credibility“,

The Cointelegraph contacted the @misescapital profile that had ‚entered into the fight‘ for the price of Bitcoin with Dana and, according to him, the intention was to show Dana the potential of Bitcoin.

„Only by buying Bitcoin you will understand how it works and will fall into the rabbit hole,“ he said.

But in the social networks the Bitcoin fans did not forgive the ‚arrego‘ and made memories with the situation.