New Ethereum killer? The Avalanche mainnet (AVAX) will launch on September 21

A launch that will make waves – The Avalanche smart contracts platform will be launched on Monday, September 21. Powered by its crypto, AVAX, the project led by Emin Gün Sirer promises to revolutionize decentralized finance (DeFi).

The AVA Labs teams closed their initial successful coin offering in July. Thus, the sale of the AVAX token raised a total of $ 60 million in investment. AVA Labs does not plan to raise additional funds, according to its CEO Emin Gün Sirer, researcher at Cornell University.

The launch date for the Avalanche mainnet has finally been announced a little late. The blockchain network will be with us from Monday, September 21 .

“Monday will mark the start of a new era for cryptocurrencies, blockchains and decentralized applications. Avalanche is the first major breakthrough in our space since Satoshi’s leap forward, and we intend to follow in his footsteps to have the same defining impact as we enter a new decade. » , Emin Gün Sirer

Highly anticipated performances

The performance promised by the development teams is impressive. However, the deployment of the mainnet should make it possible to confirm the highly scalable nature of Avalanche.

Indeed, the platform should distinguish itself from its competitors on several levels:

First of all, its high speed . It is greater than 4,500 transactions per second;
Then, the low transaction finalization time (less than 1 second);
The decentralization of the network. Several thousand nodes in proof of stake should thus ensure it;
Its highly scalable architecture . It is a network of blockchains, maintained by a DAG;
Finally, the level of safety of Avalanche. This should be unheard of in the history of blockchains, with a Byzantine fault tolerance of 80%.

The launch of Avalanche is therefore timely with the explosion of decentralized finance . More than $ 8 billion is locked within DeFi protocols. Thanks to its full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (and therefore with Solidity), Avalanche intends to provide decentralized applications on Ethereum with a much faster infrastructure, with low costs.

“Avalanche is evolving at the rapid pace of the crypto markets. It will offer the first convincing alternative to existing networks, which rely on centralization to function or have not shown that they can adapt to market demand without huge costs. We are excited to launch the platform with our exceptional community, and we look forward to fueling the next DeFi boom. » , Kevin Sekniqi, COO of Ava Labs

Recovery and listing of AVAX tokens

Investors in ICO should check that the address of their wallet is valid on the portal of TokenSoft before Friday, September 18 at 18 pm . Those who miss the boat will be contacted directly by the AVA Labs team.

The traders who have tokens in IOU on an exchange platform will have nothing to do. They will just have to wait for the launch on the mainnet and the intervention of the exchange technicians . In „real“ tokens AVAX finally replace their IOU.