Nasdaq: Winkelvoss Bitcoin Fund could have enormous impact on the news spy

During the conversation with, LaValle discussed the impact of the Bitcoin ETF on the broad market.

Overall, he sees a positive future in the news spy of the Winkelvoss twins:

The ETF was first introduced in July 2013 by Bitcoin investors Cameron and Tylor Winkelvoss, and has since gone through the news spy review of approval processes. According to the news spy filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the fund will be traded under the name „COIN“.

During the conversation with, LaValle discussed the impact of the Bitcoin ETF on the wider market. Overall, he sees a positive future in the efforts of the Winkelvoss twins:

„I think it is very important to know that we are about to welcome a new asset to the market. The way to initially give investors access to this investable asset through an ETF is a good choice. In a way, it gives credibility to the ETF and emphasises the benefits of an ETF as an investment shell. In this respect, it is also important for the ETF industry.“

It should also not be forgotten that the Winkelvoss twins recently introduced their own Bitcoin price index called WinkDex. The WinkDex will provide market information about the ETF in the future.

Increase in Bitcoin availability

For LaValle, the advantages of a Bitcoin ETF are obvious: „It is much easier for investors to gain market access through an ETF than to buy Bitcoin directly. This makes the digital currency much more attractive and trustworthy for investors, says La Valle.

LaValle to

„There are several ways to get to Bitcoin and each investor can decide which way to go. But I think the way through an ETF gives Bitcoin much more credibility“.

Furthermore, LaValle sees Bitcoin as very dynamic and therefore interesting for investors with the right appetite for risk.

He added that the ETF can be both an interesting trading and investment tool for the interested parties involved, provided that the ETF receives future regulatory approval.

A new way of investing
Asked whether the Bitcoin ETF is an innovation on the market, LaValle replied cautiously optimistically.

The Nasdaq manager said that if the ETF is listed, it offers investors a potentially groundbreaking option. He added that the Bitcoin ETF is certainly a step in an interesting direction from a product generation perspective and that Bitcoin can pave the way for investors.

At the end of the interview DaValle only had one sentence to say:

„Time will tell us how great this innovation will be.“