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At 343design we have been using and developing in WordPress since 2003 - that's makes us like 85 in internet years. Todd Hiestand is the principle owner, designer, developer, coffee brewer for 343design, a blogger. He is also the communications director for the Ecclesia Network, Web Designer/Developer/Board Member for Lemonade International and is also a pastor in suburban Philadelphia.

Website Design

Sure, you can get a free or cheap website at WordPress.com, Blogger.com or many of the other templated site providers out there. But, if you are sick of generic themes and templates - or are looking to distinguish your personal or company website from the other 50,000,000 sites on the internet - we can help you stand out.

Website Development

If you are a designer looking for someone who knows HTML/CSS/WordPress inside and out, look no further. We’ve been using and developing in WordPress since 2003 and we're up on html5 and CSS3. We have solid references if you need them.

Website Strategy

We don’t just create a website for you and then leave you to yourself. We’ll help you develop a content strategy that will help give you good SEO grounding and help you work towards successful reader engagement.

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"A blog is merely a tool that lets you do anything from change the world to share your shopping list."
- Author Unknown